Best Season to Do the Roopkund Trek

Roopkund provides an incredible trekking in North India experience. It is in fact the name of a small lake in the Greater Himalayas. Roopkund is a very small lake. It is very shallow too. It never gets deeper than 2 meters at any place. It gets very cold where the lake is situated and hence nearly 9 months of the year it is frozen.

When you will look at it for the first time, you will not find anything special. What adventure and fun can a lake offer which is not even deep and hardly ever there is water. Especially when you consider the 24 hours it takes from New Delhi to visit this place and then embarking on the 3 day trekking trip, you might wonder why you have come to this place.

But don’t be mistaken, especially by the first look of it, as there is so much this place to offer than you can behold. Walking through the Burans, the dense forest of Himalayas, going past the vast stretches of meadows, steep ascent up the hill, and staying in the tents high above the rest of the world is an adventure you will never forget your entire life.

When must you visit Roopkund Trek?

There are two times in the year when you can go for Roopkund trek Uttarakhand. These are the safest and most beautiful times to have lots of fun and loads of adventure.

The first window for this trekking in Uttarkhand is between the months of May and June. If you choose to trek during this period you will witness lots of greenery. All around you will be the foliage and incredible landscapes. It is also the time of the year when the water of the lake has thawed. This means you can have some fun around the lake too. Also, the thawed lake in itself provides a marvellous view. But the biggest plus is you get to see the famous human skeletons dating back to 9th century BCE. The only problem with this period is that there isn’t a lot of snow. If you are a big fan of snow then it wouldn’t be a great idea to go for the Roopkund Trek Uttarakhand during this season.

The other best time is towards the end of the August through September. During the end of August or start of September, this trekking in Uttarkhand will provide the view of green bugyals to you. Also, you will get to see a lot of brown too. Again, this isn’t the best time for those who are looking for snow. If snow is what you want, go for this trekking in North India towards the end of the month. At this time you will get to see the snow. In fact, there will be lots of snow. But remember that this is the time when the lake will also be frozen. Hence, the lake skeleton will not be visible. So, you will need to make a choice whether you want to go for snow or skeleton.

Winter Kauri Pass Trek in the Himalayas

Winter Kuari Pass trekking, among other things, is something for which we will always remain indebted to Lord Curzon. After all, he is the one who discovered, explored, and popularized this awesome winter trek in the Himalayas.

The winter trek route starts from Joshimath and goes all the way to the Kuari Pass in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. If you have been searching for the best winter trek in India, Kuari Pass is the trek you must definitely consider.

A trek of more than 4000 meters, Kuari Top is a montage of beauty, greenery, and many other elements of nature. This is also the place from where you can witness some of the highest peaks of the Himalayas. These peaks are more than 7000 meters high. Some of them that you will get to behold are Trishul, Kamet, Chaukhamba, and Nanda Devi twin peaks. Then there are some other peaks, albeit not as high as those mentioned above, yet still majestic and imposing. Nanda Ghunti, Neelkanth, Mana, Changbang, and Hathi Ghoda Parbat are some of these peaks. This trek in the Himalayas also gives you the opportunity to gaze at the most incredible skyline dotted with the peaks of these mountains.

Overview of the trek-

The winter trek starts from Joshimath. It is the situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. In fact, Chamoli is a place where a lot of the pilgrims and trekkers assemble before starting their journey deeper into the mountains. You also get to see the confluence of the number of rivers in this area. During the trek you will pass through a number of small villages of the Himalaya.

When you will trek along the trail of Curzon you will also get the chance to get acquainted with the villagers from the mountains. This is one of the best experiences of trekking in Uttrakhand. The people here are very warm and welcoming. This winter pass Kuari trek will reveal many natural wonders of the place to you. Sometimes you will be mesmerized simply by looking at the line of trees marching into the deeper forest contrasting against the dome of hazy sky and the brown and white mountains.

While on the best winter trek in India, the jungles on the course will also present to you the wildlife this pass is famous for. You will need to be little cautious though and stick to your companions as there are leopards and bears in the forests.

The sight of this winter Kuari pass treek itself is enough to refresh and rejuvenate you. Then there are the long stretches of the meadows covered in the most serene green you might have ever seen. You will only wonder how a place could be stimulating and yet tranquilizing at the same time. The beauty of the meadows is something you will imprint in your memories for the rest of your life. Along the way on this trek in the Himalayas, you will also pass Auli, which is a popular tourist destination. This place is famous for skiing.

During the winter Kuari pass trekking you will also walk along some lesser passes too. Thankfully, this is not a very difficult trip and definitely much more than the physical efforts you have put in to get to the Kuari top.

The Wonderful Benefits of Travelling

Imagine yourself being a school kid. When you arrive home after school, suddenly your parents tell you “Pack your bags, kid. We’re going to travel overseas!” Even without knowing where you’ll go, you still jump for joy. Why is that so? Well, that’s because you’re going to TRAVEL!

Everyone loves to travel. There are countless reasons for it. And with it, comes the infinite number of benefits. I am pretty sure you will agree to this, won’t you? Well, let me list down the some of the benefits you’ll gain from traveling.

Expand Your Perspective

When it’s your first time traveling, you’ll realize that the outside world is simply amazing. You’ll understand that things are much beautiful when you step out of that teeny weeny shell of yours. When you step foot on foreign land, you’re certainly bound to meet new people, new friends, new experiences, etc. These will unlock that little rusty chain in your brain which is preventing you from broadening your mind. So, go out and explore. Discover the world. Gain new perspectives. Experience new cultures. Only by doing so will you get to take a few steps back and ponder about life. Only by doing so will you get to see the world in ways we would never be able to comprehend in our home countries.

The Grass Is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

“What? Just a plate of Japanese curry rice cost me US$10?!” “Why are cigarettes in Australia so expensive?” “Buying alcohol in Iceland is the same as purchasing a pair of Nike Air Zoom running shoes.” Or maybe you’re about to pay for a bus fare in Oslo, but instead of expecting to pay pennies, you got slapped with a fee which you could have used to purchase that ‘Middle East Travel Guide’ Lonely Planet e-book. To those of you who frequently travel, you may have experienced the same thing. When you visit other countries, you’ll find out that you’ll get a deeper appreciation for home. The difference in lifestyle will make you feel blessed with the place where you belong.

Embrace Mother Nature

Drag yourself out of the urban jungle and go for glacier trekking, mountain climbing, whale-watching, etc. Travelling is an excellent opportunity for you to learn and discover all of the beautiful things that Mother Nature could teach us. It also has the potential to heal you in more ways than you can imagine. So the next time you aren’t feeling productive in the office, apply for a few days off and go travel.